Early Monthly Segments

#75 = 8/24/2015 = Keith Lock + Oliver Bancroft (in person!)

Everything Everywhere Alive Again

Everything Everywhere Alive Again

We’re pleased to present two beautiful meditations on landscape in Early Monthly Segments’ annual August “sojourn” toward the end of summer. Keith Lock’s Everything Everywhere Again Alive has been called the first Asian-Canadian Experimental Film (Alice Shih, Asian Canada on Screen) and “one of the best Canadian films of the 1970s” (R. Bruce Elder). Shot on a bolex with wild sound, the film is a reflective portrait of an artists commune on Buck Lake near Gravenhurst where Lock lived in the early 1970s and features deep personal reflection on the filmmakers relationships to nature and nurture in a collective living experiment.
Everything…is a nature film with a difference. Its about a concept of nature which is communicated by a series of very simple images. These images are used like building blocks of ideas to build a complex representation of nature as well as diaristic events taking place in the film…it is also an elaboration of two films by painters Jack Chambers (Circle) and Joyce Wieland (Solidarity) and in another sense, Michael Snow (La Region Centrale)” – Keith Lock.

Preceding the feature we’re showing Psara’s Donkey by Oliver Bancroft, a document of the only donkey on the Greek island of Psara. It was the last film to be printed at London’s Soho Film Lab.

EMS Is thrilled to present these two films with Keith Lock and Oliver Bancroft in person!


Everything Everywhere Again Alive, Keith Lock, 1974, Canada, 16mm, 72 minutes, colour, sound

Psara’s Donkey, Oliver Bancroft, 2011, UK, 16mm, 8 minutes, B&W, sound

Gladstone Hotel, Ballroom
1214 Queen Street West
Monday August 24, 2015
8 PM screening
$5-10 suggested donation

Thank you to Stephen Broomer, James Holcombe, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) and Gladstone Hotel

Psara's Donkey

Psara’s Donkey


Everything Everywhere Alive Again


Everything Everywhere Alive Again


Everything Everywhere Alive Again