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#58 = 12/9/13 = Taylor Mead + Kim Ku-lim + Wallace Berman

Taylor Media

Taylor Mead

This month brings a trio of 16mm films that explore collage with a variety of techniques and glorious results. The main selection My Home Movies by Taylor Mead finds the Warhol superstar in low-budget documentarian mode, shooting his adventures from Mexico through New York all in single frame! Says Mead: “I shot my home movies with the cheapest, littlest hand-held camera I could buy. And in the low 1960s film was so expensive that I just used the single frame button…but its lovely anyway – I kept pushing once I crossed the border into the US and NYC and Malibu.”

Kim Ku-lim’s Meaning of 1/24 Second is a ten-minute frenetically shot and edited film that captures the architectural energies of Seoul as witnessed through an urban protagonist and is South Korea’s first experimental film, showing here in a print that was salvaged from a VHS copy after the film was lost for over a decade. “The Meaning of 1/24 Second is less concerned with the essence of media, as its title would seem to suggest, and more with critiquing the rapid changes wrought on the city (Seoul) in 1969—archiving something that would soon enough be taken apart.” -Kim Mi-jung

Artist Wallace Berman is often called the father of collage and assemblage art. Aleph, his only film, was assembled on Regular 8mm and took 10 years to make; its a meditation on life, death, mysticism, politics and pop culture. Berman uses the Hebrew alphabet to frame a hypnotic collage that was made using a Verifax machine, Eastman Kodak’s precursor to the photocopier.  “Aleph took a decade to make and is the only true envisionment of the 60s I know.” -Stan Brakhage


My Home Movies, Taylor Mead, 1964, USA/Mexico, 16mm, 38 min. sound on 1/4″ open reel
Meaning of 1/24 Second, 
Kim Ku-lim, 1969, Korea, 16mm, 10 min. silent
, Wallace Berman, 1966, USA, 16mm, 10 min. silent

@ Gladstone Hotel, Art Bar   |  1214 Queen St West
Monday December 9, 2013  |  8:00 PM screening, $5-10 suggested donation



Meaning of 1/24 Second

Meaning of 1/24 Second