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#46 = 12/10/12 = Peter Rose + Vincent Grenier

the man who could not see far enough

Guest Programmed by Christine Lucy Latimer + Mark Loeser

“In the process of making Work, in the lifelong commitment to embodying the images and ideas that confront us, we propose, implicitly, a condition in which we test out an experience of working on ourselves outside the conditions of alienation as we find and are defined by them. If we can’t get it together, given our inner freedom, who can?” – Peter Rose, On the Edge

The kaleidoscopic corridors of Analogies: studies in the movement of time make for one of Peter Rose’s most heavily worked, purely visual pieces. It offers the viewer a sense of humanity that is absent in similar, more austere works (the great, relentless halls of Ernie Gehr’s Serene Velocity or Malcolm LeGrice’s Corridor for comparison). Rose’s work spins the frame around characteristic glimpses of implied drama and coy playfulness. The framing and soft shoe meet in a low-key flamenco-dervish.

The man who could not see far enough is the very best of films not simply born of but explicitly about the pursuit of poetic, filmic visions. Where the entire genre of experimental film may be said to expand the range of sights available to us, few films preface for the viewer what motivates this: the filmmaker seeking Seeing itself. Rose’s career-long fascination with the elusiveness of meaning is most memorably visualized here.

Vincent Grenier’s sublime Interieur Interiors (To A. K.) is featured between the Roses. In it, lines are woven between the frame, the spaces it displays, and the scratches etched on the film’s surface over the years. Our thanks to EMS for this opportunity to guest curate and for doing what they do here in Toronto every month.” -Mark Loeser and Christine Lucy Latimer

Analogies: Studies in the Movement of Time, Peter Rose, 1977, 16mm, USA, 14 min.
Interieur Interiors (to A.K.), Vincent Grenier, 1978, 16mm, USA/Canada, 15 min.
The man who could not see far enough, Peter Rose, 1981, 16mm, USA, 33 min.

@ Gladstone Hotel, Art Bar | 1214 Queen St West
Monday December 10, 2012 | 7:00 pm screening


Interieur Interiors (to A.K.)

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