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#43 = 9/17/12 = Téo Hernandez

Nuestra Señora de Paris

We are very excited to be presenting two films by the underknown experimental filmmaker Téo Hernandez (1939-1992). Born in Mexico, Hernandez studied architecture before co-founding the CEC (Centro Experimental de Cinematografia) in 1960 in Mexico City. He moved to Paris in 1966 and from 1968 to 1975 began to realise an extensive number of personal films, all shot in Super-8, some on travels to Morocco, Denmark and London, others in his adopted hometown, Paris. Many of Hernandez’s films are marked by strong sweeping camera movements and single-frame shooting of places and spaces near and dear to him. He later flirted with feature-length works, including a queer take on Salomé, which heralded the emergence of a new movement in French experimental filmmaking, dubbed “l’École du corps” (“the School of the Body”). Tonight we’ll be showing two films, one a personal Super-8 time-lapse film from winter 1978 and the second a magical Super-8 (shown on 16mm) single frame portrait of the Notre Dame cathedral featuring luminous light and a dense score incorporating players from the square.

“The camera, carried by the agility and strength of the arm, is a phallic extension. The vibration of the image, my convulsive rhythm is an amplified and intensified sexual act.  -Téo Hernandez.

Nuestra Señora de Paris, Téo Hernandez, 1981, France, Super 8 on 16mm, colour, sound, 22 min
Tables d’hivers, Téo Hernandez, 1978-9, France, Super-8, colour, sound, 39 min

@ Gladstone Hotel, Art Bar   |  1214 Queen St West
Monday September 17, 2012  |  8:00 PM screening | $5-10 suggested donation

Thanks to Lightcone (Paris), Bruno Persat and The Gladstone Hotel.

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