Early Monthly Segments

#5 = 7/21/09 = Ute Aurand + Gibbs Chapman + Keewatin Dewdney


In Die Erde Gebaut

How It Works: Function, Form and Film

These films offer three different approaches to quotidian mysteries that often go unnoticed. While their styles are distinct, the works are linked by their humour and humanity as they explore the mechanics of the world around us. In Die Erde Gebaut (Building Under Ground) is Ute Aurand’s documentation of the expansion of Zurich’s Museum Rietberg from the initial groundbreaking in 2004 to it’s opening in 2007. Aurand’s camera work and editing turn the construction site into a playground for the eye while providing insight into how a building gets made. Push Button – A History of Idleness and Ignorance by Gibbs Chapman is a dryly funny exposé of how little we know about the workings of the things we use everyday. Keewatin Dewdney’s 1967 classic The Maltese Cross Movement, is a poetic demonstration of how film works, both mechanically and mentally.

In Die Erde Gebaut*, Ute Aurand, 16mm, 2008, Germany, 40 min.  silent
Push Button – A History of Idleness and Ignorance*, Gibbs Chapman, 16mm, 2004,
USA, 16 min.
The Maltese Cross Movement, Keewatin Dewdney, 16mm, 1967, Canada, 8 min. Restored Print!

*Toronto Premieres

@ the Art Bar, Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen West
Tuesday July 21, 2009  |  8:00pm screening, $5

Maltese Cross Movement

Maltese Cross Movement